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02-24-2012, 10:55 PM
So I just got my G73sw back last night from a 2 week RMA (fix some thermal issues, keyboard, power unit failing). Now it has new issues - possible vram fault (artifacting) that somehow dissapeared after 1.5 hours of bored clean installs, but more immediately, the screen does not work. Now everything is working fine on my external, so my first hunch is that the cable is not plugged in tightly. It's definitely plugged in to some extent since very occassionaly, i get some white rectangles flickering across the left side of the screen.

So while sending it back for RMA again is clearly the long term solution, the problem is that I am going to be playing for my university in a Collegiate Starleague LAN event from March 9-10, and we will be leaving Thursday morning for Princeton. This means I would have to have my computer back by Wednesday night. This is rather unlikely given the combination of FedEx super saver shipping being unreliably in timing and also the usual RMA time itself.

From the calls I have placed, it seems as though I will have to just deal with using an external monitor that is much larger than I am used to playing on for the LAN, and send it back for RMA aftewards, since the RMA process can not be sped up unless I want to spend a lot of money on expedited shipping. Apparently there is no local option for having the cable checked within 10 hours of me, despite my living in a relatively well populated area (RDU region in NC).

My question is thus: am I just screwed?