View Full Version : What if you have 2 of the same mice model on ROG Armoury???

07-29-2019, 05:15 PM
Only one mouse's settings can be accessed any given time, so it seems!

Hi. I have 2x Asus Gladius 2s running on the same puter. Same model, both non-Origin, OG Gladius IIs. Yes, both with the stupid DPI shift button that always gets in the way.

Problem with ROG Armoury is that it can only display one mouse's settings at a time. I get a single Gladius II icon showing up in the top bar (not two) and can configure only one of my Gladius II units. I'm literally forced, LIKE A CAVEMAN, to unplug one mouse, which Armoury will thankfully immediately detect and display the other plugged in mouse, to allow me to configure that one's settings/lighting/profile. Then after I replug the one I plugged out back in, Armoury reverts to the newly plugged in mouse's settings (basically only ONE Gladius II icon is displayed and can be accessed at all times)! I can no longer access the other mouse unless I do the same darn thing again! :mad::rolleyes::(:mad:

I need a software fix for this!!! Heck, it's Armoury v3.00.30 already and this very basic issue/bug still exists? Is Asus telling me NOT TO BUY so many of their same mice from them, even if I wanted to? I promise you Asus, these will be the last 2 mice I get from you if you don't fix this issue!!! :p:(