View Full Version : request: Please provide Strix G731GU/G531GU recovery media service OR eSupport Folder

08-06-2019, 04:46 AM
After replacing the nvme drive, I never thought of making a copy of the recovery partition and folder (in the image search I found a topic on the forum about a copy of the eSupport folder)

Thank you, I will be very grateful!

p.s. I think the G531GU is also suitable

08-06-2019, 05:10 AM
https://www.asustreiber.de/downloads/category/60-windows-10?start=0 this is a German site the esupport folder can contain extra programs for the European market not originally installed on American Asus computers. All original drivers are the same. the ISO will be in English.
You can try: (https://www.bizcom-us.com/asus/rmrequest.htm)