View Full Version : Battery is losing % after shutting down + unplug power laptop (ASUS ROG G703GX (2019)

08-12-2019, 09:47 AM
I just bought this laptop ASUS ROG G703GX (2019. I notice every night before I sleep. I always shut down and unplug the laptop (100%). I see my laptop is losing about 5% a night (I only see my laptop 95% when I turn it on), and if the whole day I'm not using it, my laptop will be dropped about 10% (I see my laptop 90%).

I have tried many ways such as shutdown laptop by using cmd, window PowerShell..., uncheck "turn on fast startup", and uninstall "Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Method Battery" then reinstall it. But the laptop is still losing % battery after shut down + unplug the power.

If someone has a similar issue, please help me this.

I have contacted ASUS and ASUS told me to send my laptop back to them, but I don't think the battery's fault. Because the previous ASUS laptop I tested is happening like the one currently I have.

08-13-2019, 02:24 AM
Sorry if this sounds rude, but all electronics I know of lose at least a little bit power when turned off. I don't know how else to help, but uh... sorry if it's inconveniencing you by losing some power.

08-14-2019, 12:55 AM
I see..thank you for your information

08-14-2019, 04:32 AM
Disabling features such as an active charge port and making sure nothing is plugged into the USB drives will alleviate most of it but there is always some parasitic draw.

08-15-2019, 10:31 PM
yup..it works. ASUS USB charger plus I increase it stop charging when below 99%. Plus, I switched plug my USB mouse to USB 3.1 port not the one USB + charging before. Last night, I turned off my laptop when it was 97%. Now, I turn it on and it's still 97%. Thanks again for your help.

Should I select an option do not charge when it's over 80% or something? so, I can keep battery always at the 80% level. if there is any tip or trick to keep battery always in healthy, then please let me know.