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02-25-2012, 09:42 PM
Hey guys I have a gaming laptop asus g71g with windows 7 loaded on it. When I try to boot up it gets to right before the windows symbol would load and the screen just goes black but the comp stays on... Does anyone know what the problem could be? I have tried putting a windows cd in to format but I just got the same black screen before anything loaded. I can get into bios just fine. Thanks

02-25-2012, 10:49 PM
When did this problem begin to occur? Did you do any updates to drivers or anything else with the system? have you tried booting in safe mode? restart your laptop and press the f8 key...right after bios and before the windows loading logo appears. Let me know if you can get this far.

02-25-2012, 10:55 PM
if you can get into windows in safemode and it is loading correctly then my next guess would be to go to click windows start button and in the search bar type in msconfig. This will bring up a system configuration window. Select the Services tab and at the bottom put a check mark in the hide all microsoft services. Next thing i would like you to do is click the disable all button (MAKE SURE THE HIDE MICROSOFT SERVICES BOX IS CHECKED!). Restart your computer and let us know if it loads into windows normally. If it does that means that its software or driver related.

02-25-2012, 11:36 PM
1) Does using Windows Restore to restore your system to a timebefore this problem occurred resolve your issue?

2) If not, does unplugging your laptop and removing the power adapter and any peripherals (USB mouse, USB HDD, flash drive, etc.), removing the battery, holding the power on button down for 30 seconds, plugging in the power adapter and booting resolve the blank screen?

3) If not, does video display in an external monitor attached to the laptop via HDMI or VGA ports?