View Full Version : G75vw-bbk5 usb ports issue

08-23-2019, 01:46 PM
So after 7+ years Im finally having a major issue with my G75VW-BBK5. Maybe you could give me some help?

Basically, all the usb ports on the loptop seem to have gone caput. I have rebooted and the ports did not recover. My next step was to do some more in-depth trouble shooting, but I wanted to see if anyone had similar issues with this model? I appreciate any helpful feedback. Thanks.

08-29-2019, 08:15 PM
USBs not functioning?

Shutdown computer.
Turn on Computer.
After letting go of power button, Immediately hold power button back down while computer is trying to boot. (10+ seconds)
-- You will hear the power get killed, and everything will turn off.--
Unplug battery (if possible) and unplug charging cable.
Hold power button down for 60 seconds
Plug battery back in, and cable.
Turn on machine.

Test USBs, to see if they're working again.

You may have a device that has a frayed cable, causing shorts in the Laptop, you may see a bubble saying 'USB has malfunctioned' which can turn off all USBs for safety.

.... If all else fails, backup and reinstall Windows! I mean, that's assuming your OS is 7 years old, too.