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09-05-2019, 07:53 AM
Hi Guys!
So my graphics card has recently started having problems (crashing, artifacting and broken LEDs around fans). I am still under warranty so i returned to the shop to request a refund (under Australian Consumer Law i am entitled to a refund or replacement if it is a major issue). The guy at the shop said he would have to send it to Asus (without testing it) and this process would take 4 weeks, with no guarantee of a refund or replacement. To get a refund who requires an approval to be sent to him from Asus. He said i could also drive it to the repair centre myself (its only about 20 km away), i called asus support and they confirmed this.
The guy at the centre told that they cant authorize refunds or replacements and are only a repair centre, if i wanted the card repaired i could leave it with them but they cant do anything about getting me a refund or replacement.
I called support again and they told me to do a technical inquiry through the asus website. It says i should get a response with 48 hours, it has now been 48 hours since i submitted the inquiry and have gotten no response.
Could anyone who has done this before (preferably in Australia) please tell me what my options are? I feel like the retailer is trying to dodge having to solve this.

09-05-2019, 07:09 PM
Per the sticky for this section this is for escalation of RMA issues only. In order for an ASUS person to escalate an issue they will need your RMA number. If you wish to get feedback from other users on their RMA experience please start another thread in one of the other forum areas. Any replies from non-ASUS representatives will be deleted in this sub-forum. Thank you