View Full Version : Where did my Speed go MSI X-pander vs Asus HyperX 4v2

10-11-2019, 03:15 AM
I had a MSI X299 with the X-pander using VROC recently I switched to a ROG Rampage VI Extreme with the Hyper M2 X16v2 I used the same Crystal mark version the Asus is about 1/2 the read speed of the MSI and about 80% of the Write they are both using the same Intel 7600P NVME drives with a fresh format and the same amount of data +/- 5%
Using CrystalDiskMark 6.0.2 X64
MSI SEQ Q32T1 Read 9981.7 Write 5659.3
Asus SEQ Q32T1 Read 5786.1 Write 4759.3
The Hyper M.2 is in PCIE X16 slot 3 I have it sent to Gen three not auto and don't see any other settings that could be causing the speed loss