View Full Version : Asus Gladius II firmware broke buttons

Klaus Neda
10-24-2019, 07:49 AM
I decided to test the new Armory Crate app with the hopes to reduce the bloat of Asus apps, Aura and Armory.

This needed a firmware upgrade on my Gladius II mouse. Unfortunately this broke my side buttons.

I've been through this before, broke the buttons on a firmware upgrade and somehow fixed them with a firmware downgrade and specific Armory app update but didn't note what specific steps I used but ended up using v0193 firmware.

Unfortunately now I cannot install v0193 since live update ships v0195 firmware and there is nowhere to download specific firmware files except old v0179, v0179_3, v180 that are shipped with the Armory app and probably used when resetting the mouse to defaults with the left+middle+right buttons combo.

Now to my questions:
Is anyone else facing these issues and were able to solve it somehow?
Is there anywhere you can download specific firmware versions?