View Full Version : GL703GM - Keyboard Back Light not working at all.

11-08-2019, 06:04 AM
Hi all,

I have had trouble with my Gaming Laptop (GL703GM) for several months now. I have updated the BIOS to version 310 and have installed all windows updates available for OS and third party. The problem I am having is that the Backlight for the keyboard is not working at all. I have also reset my Windows 10 installation (Version: 1903, Build: 18362.449) and updated all again. There was no change. All other function of the keyboard work as well as the On Screen Display notifications when using all of the 'FN' key functions including the keyboard Back Light brightness. The ROG Core program seems to be working as well. I have also followed the instruction on the ASUS Support website (https://www.asus.com/US/support/FAQ/1036500) with no change. Could I please get some help with this as I mostly use the laptop at night and the Backlite keyboard was a selling point that I was after when I bought the laptop.

Thanks in advance.