View Full Version : [G731GW] WTF WEIRD dual Windows 10 boot problem

11-19-2019, 11:14 PM
I have a weird problem with dual WIndows 10 boot,

After adding Samsung EVO 860 on SATA I installed second WIndows 10 (UEFI like original OS).

After 1st restart it did not boot with the error below, so I went to BIOS and disabled Secure Boot,
It booted,
after reboot it does not boot, but going to BIOS and changing Secure Boot to enabled makes it bootable.

And then again, it cant boot , change Secure Boot to opposite and it boots ok.

1. Boot from SATA SSD -> 0xc000000e (screenshot)
2. Go to BIOS, chnage Secure Boot to opposite
3. Boots OK
4 Restart -> 0xc000000e (screenshot)
5. Go to BIOS, chnage Secure Boot to opposite
6. Boots OK

... and so on and on. So every second restart I need to go to BIOS and change Secure Boot to oppositye (ENABLE/DISABLE) to be able to boot from second SSD.


11-20-2019, 12:01 AM
When Second WIndows 10 Install on SATA SSD is set as {default} in bcdedit, instead of changing Secure Boot to opposite, it is enough to enter BIOS and hit Save Changes WITHOUT CHANGING anything and it will BOOT. W T F ? ( I mean you need to enter BIOS and make [Save Changes] every reboot if you want to use second WIn10 install)

11-20-2019, 02:03 AM
It is hilarious: I used Samsung Magician to migrate internal Intel SSD to SAMSUNG SATA.
So now I have two bootmgrs on 2 hard drives.

It boots from both drives w/o problems, BUT!!!:

despite setting:
Boot #1 to Samsung SATA
Boot #2 to Intel

every damn time I do reboot it starts from different drive! ;D

Asus, really, WHAT THE F?