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11-21-2019, 01:12 PM
I had issue of Armoury software not reading correctly battery data and show it as 100% and it turns off. and this happened after 1.69 firmware upgrade. So I researched ways to downgrade the mouse. Found ancient thread here in ROG forums for downgrading Gladius and applied same technique for Spatha as well and it worked.

Downgrade ROG Spatha to 1.58 firmware
1. Uninstall ROG Armoury - remove any version you currently use
2. Install ROG Armoury 1.01.34 - get it from here: https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/accessory/ROG_Spatha/ROG_Armoury_v10134.zip , or go to https://www.asus.com/us/ROG-Republic-Of-Gamers/ROG-Spatha/HelpDesk_Download/ select OS and press See All Downloads and look for version 1.01.34
3. Power off the mouse and disconnect the dock - flip the switch on the bottom of the mouse to off position disconnect usb cable from computer so neither mouse or the dock are connected.
4. Disconnect from internet (may not be needed but I did it just in case that Armoury wants to download latest firmware from internet)
5. Open Armoury
It should look like this:
6. Press and hold left button, scroll and right button at the same time while plunging USB cable to the mouse (other end of the cable should be already connected to the computer)
7. This screen will appear:
Press next on it and firmware downgrade will begin
8. Press the finish button to complete the downgrade

Mouse is done, now lets downgrade dock as well (firmware 1.27)

1. Disconnect the mouse and use additional mouse to drive the cursor
2. Press and hold pair button while plug in USB cable the dock (other end of the cable should be already connected to the computer)
3. Keep holding the button until you see this:
Press Next to begin the firmware downgrade
After a while you will see this
4. Press Finish to complete the downgrade

Uninstall ROG Armoury 1.01.34 and install 2.06.06 as it is the best build for the mouse (or install any newer version)

If you want to have less trouble with battery do not upgrade mouse and dock firmware of you will have to perform the same procedure from the top.

This tutorial may be used to downgrade to even earlier version of firmware but you need to use older version of ROG Armoury

11-15-2020, 04:43 PM
TU informacion me ayudo a recuperar el mio que se quedo colgado al actualizar pero lo recupere gracias a tu informacion

GRACIAS muchas gracias