View Full Version : G751JY dysk m2 problem

11-23-2019, 02:44 PM
Hello . I have some strange problems with m2 and bios, i buy m2 ssd samsung SM951 pcie AHCI, i remove all old hdd (plextor 2,5 ssd which have system, and 1 tb hdd ) in bay where was plextor ssd i have m2 port so i put there new m2 ssd, in usb i put pendrive with system to boot. When i go in bios i see 2 times pendrive (one with Uefi in name , one without) and on 3 place i see dvd. When i goes in hdd confi i see new m2 and pendrive . But when i choose pen on 1 place when back to BOOT i see again 3 boot places , 2 pendrive and dvd. When choose in hdd m2 on 1 place, i dont see in boot pendrive WTF ????? So when i close bios and restart its lokks like old system try to start (but ofc no plextor with system) so its takes couple minutes and blue screen :(