View Full Version : question about upgrading hard drive

01-03-2011, 06:21 AM
ok, so pretty much im a data hog, and i have currently 2 wd 500gig hard drives installed. but i would like to upgrade them to 1 terabyte drives. but i have two problems. one, can windows 7x64 and bios reconigze it? and the drives are 12.5mm and im not sure if they will fit? i really dont trust my measuing abilities so does anybody know if they will fit!!!???? also does anybody have any good places to buy laptop graphics cards? i would be interested in upgrading after my warranty is out but i cannot find them anywhere!!! thanks so much for the help!!!

01-21-2011, 07:25 PM
i not sure if the 12.5mm will fit properly. and we have not tested this with a 1tb storage, so i cant save for sure it will work. there was another thread asking the same question and we concluded that this would probably not be ideal to do.

in terms of the gpu upgrade, in theory its possible to swap out cards because its a mxm module, but realistically you will need a heatsink that will match up correctly. different gpu have different contact points for the heatsink.