View Full Version : G53SW intermitantly won't power up.

03-06-2012, 06:58 PM
I've owned my G53SW now for almost a month maybe almost 2 now :) About a few weeks ago when I went to power it on the screen doesn't light up and the backlit keyboard flashes up and stays lit... the system seems to be running but nothing comes up on the screen.

I tried everything I can think of which includes:

Removed battery tried off mains without battery.
Left for a bit without battery plugged in.
Standing on my head whilst trying to turn it on... :)

It was only till the other day before RMA'ing it I tried plugging a monitor in when it happened again a few attempts and I finally got something to come up on the screen... Does this sound like the lid sensor problem?

I queried ASUS Tech Support by phone and suspect I got the Australian Tech Support and they said no we've never heard of a lid sensor problem; But honestly it sounds like the closest fit to the problem.