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01-21-2020, 08:48 AM

In June of 2008 I bought a Asus Strix Flare Keboard from one of the biggest Telecomunications company in Portugal(got a discount coupon). Soon it stopped working because of the RGB bug. Messed with the lightning while windows was booting .

I tried to return the keyboard at MEO, (Comm company) but they said it was Asus responsability to to pick it up. Then I went to Asus and they said it was MEO that should receive the broken keyboard.

This responsability push and pull went for about three month. And I was getting stressed a lot and spending money calling Asus support and contacting MEO.
Finally MEO assumed the responsability for the issue and I would be contacted by MEO to return the keyboard. Never got any call at least I didnt noticed.

I stopped caring about the issue, was so fed up. Two monht ago I restarted the quest. Contacted MEO and they said that they tried to contact me because they had a repacement keyboard. But now they dont have any, so MEO said they needed to reactivate the process again and I would recive a call when they have a replacement.
Waited about one and a half month and MEO called me saing that they can't get another keyboard because Asus Portugal is out of Stock, so I would receive a full refund. When I asked about returning the broken keyboard, they said I could keep It.

Now I have the broken keyboard still in Warranty. Can I send it to Asus for them to fix it ?
What should I do ?

Thanks for the reading

01-21-2020, 11:15 PM

This sounds very similar with my issue I had with a Claymore keyboard. I sent it into asus to get it fixed. It came back with the same exact problem I sent it in for. My issue was when I typed most keys 1 time it, actually typed typed the letters between 3 to 12 times on screen and I had to continually back space the characters way to get it to 1 typed entry. IE: I would type the letter t and it would put tttttttttttt with only 1 enty. (Key Bounce)

I said I wanted to send it back and they asked if I would make a video of the keyboard doing it before I was able to send it back. I clearly and concisely told them what the issue was when I sent it in the first time. All they had to do was type on it and it would immediately be apparent. Anyway, I too gave up on it as I didn't have the time to jump through hoops. I get the sense keyboard issues are not wanted after purchase as far as I could tell. It's still unresolved. I really love asus stuff and can deal with Software issues "only if I can get it partially working like I did". The RGB stuff is still not 100% on the system components with Aura Sync. But a mechanical issue should be a no brainer on my end.

I will probably try to make a video soon. It's a 150 minumum priced keyboad.

01-23-2020, 11:27 AM
I really dont dig this type of support. And the lack of respect for nature and me.

Just called support, because I still have the keyboard, I have the receipt and it still is in warranty period. Because I got a full refund from the shop, I can't demand them to return the keyboard so, if the shop doesn't return the keyboard they said that they can´t pick it up from me, neither I can send it personally or by mail to Asus or pay a fee to get it repaired.

So I have a dead keyboard that cannot be repaired by me because Asus refuses to show how, and I can't send it to them because "It doesn't work that way" for them.

Earth thank's Asus for the waste of a perfect good keyboard.

If any caring soul could send me the "firmware.bin" of a working flare keyboard I would be forever gratefull.

Thanks for reading

05-06-2020, 08:48 AM
Hi Thrufu,

I have replied to your private message, please check your inbox.
As explained in another thread, usually this should be sent back to perform a fix.
Not sure why it's more difficult in your case.

Since you already received a replacement and have nothing to lose, I guess you can try to update yourself with what I sent you. Good luck.

05-08-2020, 07:41 AM
Thank You so Much, Worked perfectly.