View Full Version : G53SX DH71 overheating?

03-08-2012, 04:07 AM
Hi forum, im new here. I month ago i bought a G53SX and im having some temperature trouble, i got my laptop conected to a 23 inches led monitor and playing por half an hour BF3 i get 76 to 80 c cpu temp and a stable 78c on the 560m( overclocked to 860/1720/1490). Im playing with 720p all ultra except shadow low and without antilasing. Is not a dust problem, is very clean and it has been used only for 25 days in a "clean environment"( no smoke, no animals, and always with some protection when is shut down).

Are safe temperatures? there is some program to control/modify de rpm of the fans?

Sorry about my english im from argentina

Thank you ROG Forum