View Full Version : Ryujin 360 USB Storage is gone

02-29-2020, 12:06 PM

i have a strange problem.
For some reason the USB Storage of my Ryujin 360 is gone.
I have setup my Maximus XI Formula to disable (s5 state) all rgbs in stand by. this was working fine.
But now (i wasnt changing anything) the rgbs of the ryujin stays on (mainboard is still going off) and the usb storage of ryujin is gone.

i was not able to fix this and i just re-installed windows (fresh install) but the ryujin storage is still not there.

what can i do now?

02-29-2020, 01:02 PM
some progress.
i was downgrading the firmware to v. 104 and the storage was back again.
i was reinstalling current firmware 204 and the storage is ggone again.

seems like they removing the storage for the current firmware.

can anyone confirm this please?

03-01-2020, 01:23 PM
sorry but



06-26-2020, 11:01 PM
just noticed with the current version the storage is gone.
is this a glitch?
i have the ryujin 240