View Full Version : Rog Claymore General Problem?

02-29-2020, 01:19 PM
Hi, i have faced problems with the Claymore keyboard twice now.

After a few months of use, when i powered on the PC, the Right ALT button started behaving as the Options Keyboard Button. Tried the Keyboard on another PC, had the same issue. Returned the Keyboard and received a new one after they verified the problem.

2 months later, the new Keyboard had the same issue, but this time the ENTER button started behaving as the Right ALT button.

Is this a known problem with the Keyboard? Is there something i should do to fix it?

Note: At the moment i use a key remap software where i set up the ENTER button to behave as the NumPad Enter button and it works but guess what? Now the right ALT button also behaves as an ENTER button. In both scenarios, was always something to do with the Right ALT button. Go figure -_-

Thanks for any help!