View Full Version : Problems with Claymore config software

03-30-2020, 09:46 AM
I'm very happy with the mechanics of my new Claymore... but the software is problematic.

I have the following problems

1) It does not appear possible to change the brightness setting of the numlock/capsloack/scroll lock status lights. Is the hardware implemented capable of a PWM control for these LEDs, if so how can I configure them to a lower brightness either by the config files or controller software?

2) If the answer to the above is not possible, is it possible to set these lights to not be used? They are far too bright! I would rather not have an indicator than have one this bright!

3) The software control has a limitation that you cannot set partial brightness in the colour selector, nor set the colours numerically. This means that while I can have 255, 0, 0 - I cannot set 160, 0, 0. Both are red but the latter is a significantly better level of illumination for me. It is possible to set this manually in the config file, then reload armoury - it is just a poor interface that does not have a full colour wheel selection, nor allow numeric entry of numbers.

4) Is there a way to disable the light from the logo, other than by not setting a light for the space key? Or are these two lights wired on the same circuit?



03-31-2020, 04:30 PM
Further thoughts.

So having used this keyboard more I've come to the following thoughts.

Fn and up/down does help for colour brightness, but I still think it should be configurable properly in the Armoury

I'm assuming that the status lights are hard wired and not on a dimable circuit (but I'd be happy to be corrected)

Given that it would be great to see some firmware/config updates allowing changes to how these statuses show or exist.

Having the light colour for the caps/num/scroll change to a different configured colour when on or off would be a big improvement.

Being able to change the affected key colours (the alphabet, the numpad or the cursor keys respectively) would be better.

Is there an open source version for the firmware/armoury? Have to say it would be a huge shame if not - its not as if its a particularly great piece of work on asus's part and I strongly suspect the community could do better - I'd still happily buy the hardware - its great quality, but I think the software has room for improvement.