View Full Version : G73JH- X-Fi MB2

03-13-2012, 10:45 PM
I don't know if this is proper to post here (ie, X-Fi is a creative product and not even bundled with the laptop in question), but I thought I'd give it a shot, just because I know it is an option that's been suggested here. Anyway, after formatting I ran into the whole issue of not being able to install asus' distro of audigy without the downgraded realtek drivers, and rather than pursue that course of action, I decided to just shell out and purchase from creative the X-Fi MB2 (it's more recent than the software audigy, includes eax 5.0, had a few bucks, so heh, let's go on an adventure!) Anyway, installed fine, but one of the things I've noticed, and it's probably deliberate, is that I now have two audio controllers listed for what is ostensibly the same audio device. I.e, there is now an entry, in both the device manager and sound mixer, for realtek high definition audio and sound blaster x-fi mb2. My question/concern is, which device is relevant, and will there be conflicts? I notice windows, through the sound mixer, seems to take the x-fi mb2 as the default audio controller, but strangely, when i boot up the sound blaster console, there is an audio volume control there, and it seems inexplicably linked to the realtek device. My OCD is setting in. I can't eat my pasta for fear it will come alive. There doesn't seem to be any documentation included with the x-fi mb2 software suite. Any thanks, elucidation/point in the right direction would be appreciated!

Eeh also I realized i posted this in the "important and useful threads" subforum, and as I'm not possessed of the hubris that would imagine this thread qualifies, movement to the base level g series notebooks wouldn't be unappreciated!