View Full Version : G53 BIOS problem

03-14-2012, 05:19 AM
Hey everyone, I have the G53JW and it went into service last summer for the power port. They replaced the mobo and installed BIOS 211 on it. When I got it back, my kb lights did not work. I called the techs and they told me that support for the kb lights is not built into that bios. Asus is supposed to come out with a patch. Well, here it is march 2012 and still no lights. I flashed back to 209 and still nothing. I've never had this many issues with a laptop i rarely use. It is definitely in the running for the ****iest laptop i've owned. The plastic piece between the keys is loose, power port broke, kb lights don't work, and the mouse buttons are loud enough to wake the neighbors. If i don't get help soon, i'll just sell it to some poor schmuck on craigslist. Please help!!!!