View Full Version : Asus ROG G752VS - No Power/Won't Charge - 2020

04-15-2020, 04:09 PM
Hello! I recently encountered a problem with my unit (Asus ROG G752VS). It won't power on and even charge.

The problem started when I put the laptop into sleep mode (by closing the laptop without shutting down) while playing GTA V. The reason why I closed it while playing, it's because the function of the keyboard isn't working. The only way to enable it back is to put the laptop into sleep mode.

Now, when I opened the laptop again, it was already dead. No power and it was plugged in by the way. I tried to reconnect the built-in battery cable from the motherboard but it still won't power on.

Did anyone else experience this kind of problem with the same unit? It has been 5 days since the problem started and I can't even bring the unit to a service center due to community quarantine. I hope anyone could enlighten me with this because I'm using this laptop as my daily driver for work (video editing). Thanks in advance!

Is it possible to use the laptop if I disconnected the built-in battery cable from the motherboard and just use the power of the laptop charger?