View Full Version : XGC100C and Maximus XI Apex

04-23-2020, 04:23 AM
Hi Guys,

I am trying to figure out this weird issue. I have the XI Apex motherboard and recently purchased the XG-C100C nic and put it in there. The NIC works great but I have this crazy problem. After I shut down for the day and come back the next morning. The XI Apex gets stuck on a 64 or B4 hard to tell and a 99 Q Code. It won't boot into windows and locks up on those codes. I have to complete drain the motherboard of power by turning off the power supply by the power switch. The motherboard has to drain completely of power.. no RGB lights still on of after the power shut down. When I turn the power supply back on and boot it back up, it does the normal training then boots without issue. It's rinse and repeat every day. It won't boot until I drain the power.

Like I said it all works extremely well after the hard reset. but this is getting old. Do I have to check maybe a BIOS setting or something to get this network adapter to work with the XI Apex correctly. I have the 1401 latest bios.

I need help getting a support ticket.. it keeps wanting me to fill out an wireless network issue.. ASUS doesn't seem to have a network NIC category.

Thanks for any thoughts..