View Full Version : ASUS Zephyrus M (GU502GU) Keyboard Issue : driver gets uninstalled automatically

06-12-2020, 05:38 AM
System: windows 10 ( Version 10.0.18363 Build 18363 )
Battery or AC: Both
Model: GU502GU
Frequency of occurrence: every time I boot up the system
Reset OS: YES
Screenshot or video: Provided

Detailed description:

Hello ASUS, I have bought this laptop in November 2019 .


my integrated laptop keyboard is not working after I log into windows but the keyboard is working fine in boot, UEFI or in safe mode. the system automatically uninstalling the following driver:

in human interface devices section : ALL USB DRIVER

in keyboard section : HID KEYBOARD DRIVERS keeping PC/AT Enhanced PS/2 keyboard(101/102-Key) installed.

In ARMOURY CRATE the keyboard is not detecting


Uninstalled all the keyboard driver and human interface USB related driver(both in normal and safe mode)
Reset the system(using OEM recovery)
Wiped the SSD and reinstall the OS using external bootable USB driver
Tried plenty of Diver updater software to update the keyboard drivers
Tried uninstalling drivers while keeping only windows service enabled.
Also tried to uninstall all driver after running "set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1" command in CMD Promt.


why isn't there any keyboard driver in Human Interface Devices section?
What would be the possible fix for this issue?

06-16-2020, 08:01 AM
Hello Fenixxaa,
We will continue the discussion in your Zentalk thread.
Thank you.