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06-15-2020, 07:33 AM
I've had a ROG Zephyrus M GM501 for nearly a year now and had it crunching Folding at Home data to save us all from coronavirus!
I then came to use it one day and realised it was showing a blue screen error - I forget exactly what the original one was.
It would not reboot in any fashion although I must admit I never tried safemode at that time.
I tried every recovery option but nothing worked, so I reinstalled Windows,
The moment the display drivers were installed I had the same problem again.
I tried cleaning both HDDs in DiskPART and reseting BIOS to defaults then reinstalled again.
Same problem.
It boots in safemode, but every time I try to initialise the NVidia 1070, I get a Blue screen error (Bad Pool Header).
When I look in device manager, immediately after Windows install it has an error on the GPU - Code 43 - disabled because the device was not responding properly.
I'm wondering if this is a hardware fault, but I have seen a few threads about similar issues resolved in one way or another (mostly the above!).
Any other thoughts / ideas?

06-16-2020, 08:24 AM
Hello mlbarnes,
May you check if your BIOS is updated as well?
Thank you.

06-16-2020, 08:40 AM
Hello mlbarnes,
May you check if your BIOS is updated as well?

Thanks Blake, yes, fully updated BIOS (314) reset to defaults.

I tried to get a driver working - using a few different versions.
I tried installation through the windows installer, and the latest downloaded versions from both Asus and nVidia as well as attempting to fully reset things using Wagnardsoft Display Driver Uninstaller.
I fully ‘cleaned’ both drives in DISKPART.
I have installed all Asus software that seems appropriate (using the Asus Update App - not the MS Store one which does not support this model).
Certainly the BIOS, Chipset and Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework.
I have installed all the recommended Windows updates - Windows 10 Pro.
At points, to do this, I have had to boot into safe mode to disable the installed GPU driver - otherwise it causes a BlueScreen ‘BAD POOL HEADER”.

I'm thinking this is hardware?

06-17-2020, 03:35 AM
Hello mlbarnes,
Please kindly backup the data and send your device to service center for further examination.
Thank you so much.