View Full Version : G74SX GPU Overclock and impressions

03-23-2012, 09:20 PM
I had just received my G74SX yesterday through Tigerdirect.ca, a standard version of i7-2670 CPU, 12g ram, 192bit GTX 560M.

I was quite worried when browse through the threads seeing so many people have keyboard/screen/driver issues. So the first thing I did after first boot up was to test keyboard. Surprisingly every single key works like it should.

Then I created a restore point for stock graphic driver, updated to the newest 296.10 driver, installed ThrottleStop and dailed the GPU to 900/1800/1625 with MSI afterburner. 3Dmark11 averages out to be around P2650, instead of P2030 with stock speed and driver.

Later I manually put the laptop into hibernate and wake up, turn off and cold boot multiple times; no problem with black screen so far.

Ran Crysis2 with the TS and overclocked GPU with 900/1800/625. Other than the power brick being heat up, my GPU only reaches to 71 degrees, and CPU to 67 degrees.

Though a usage of one day is far away from sufficient to represents the stability of the system, but I felt that I may have got a decent unit.

03-23-2012, 11:20 PM
I got mine from TD as well last week, so far the only couple things I have ran into is the touchpad not wanting to turn off when I tell it to (which I fixed with some new drivers) and the black screen you mentioned coming from a lid close (only once so far out of 5 to 6 times.) Other then those two things the system runs great, I have yet to OC anything though but the cooling seems very sufficient to handle an OC.

Got it for a steal @ $1,199.99 to boot. :D



2630QM i7

GTX 560m 3GB GDDR5

120GB OCZ Vertex III SSD