View Full Version : How to get my ROG G551JW Keyboard lights to come on & stay on?

07-09-2020, 07:10 PM
I can not get my keyboard backlights to come on at all. Iíve tried the Fun + F3 & F4 buttons & nothing works. I reinstalled my OS when I moved my Asus ROG from a 1TB HDD to a 250GB SSD. I did this 4-5 months ago. At work, I always left it plugged into a monitor & USB keyboard. I never noticed if the backlighting came on or not. Now I have to work from home & without the illumination from the backlighting it can be hard to see the keys. Since now I have it plugged in nearly all the time & Iím not using a USB keyboard I thought I could go into some kind of settings to have the backlighting always on until the screen goes dark as I have setup for after 45 mins of no action. So far I can not find a way to get the backlighting to come on manually or otherwise. Does anyone have a solution?

07-13-2020, 10:21 AM
Hello whodeycincy,
May you provide a picture of the keyboard current situation?
Do the other function keys work?
May you try to recall if there was any update or modification before the issue occurred? other than changing the SSD?
Did you dismantle the device to change the SSD yourself?
You may try to update or reinstall the ATK package.
Thank you.