View Full Version : Why are Armory Crate's RGB animations worse than Aura Sync's?

07-28-2020, 10:48 PM
I just built a New PC with a ROG B550-F Motherboard.
After my experience with two previous ASUS RGB capable motherboards (Prime X370-Pro and Prime X470-Pro) I was seriously considering going with a different brand motherboard because ASUS RGB Software, Be it Aura Sync or Armory crate, Have always had some bug or other that just made them never work 100%.
At the end of the day the ROG B550-F had the features and layout that work the best for what i wanted and my case.
I have a be Quiet Dark Base 700 Case which has exterior RGB accents, which look totally awesome with a aqua color in the "breathing" effect.
now before i go any further, as i understand it most lighting systems like this use PWM instead of direct voltage control to alter the brightness of individual LEDs or color banks, as it is much cheaper to implement.
Using Aura Sync the Breathing preset doesn't have an adjustable speed but the PWM Step changes are frequent enough that the animation is smooth and it looks quite nice.
when I have tried using Armory Crate before I notice a drastic difference (decrease) in PWM Step change frequency, that for me completely ruins the look of the breathing effect. Armory crate does enable selection of different speeds for the Breathing effect but the " jitter" that the decrease in PWM step change frequency causes is noticeable at all speeds.I previously had a ROG STRIX 1080TI and the difference was even more noticeable on the card than on the MB.

I tried Armory Crate again on the new motherboard and made sure everything was up to date, and this (issue?) still exists.
Now i try to uninstall armory crate and it leaves a bunch of garbage behind that interferes with Aura Sync where i have to end the Lighting Service process to get my RGB to work properly at all (the animation jumps and skips if i don't).

Pick one program and get some actual professional software developers working on it Please. At the very least can something be done about the PWM Step change frequency to the effects in Armory Crate???

P.S. I was also so disappointed when Aura Creator was finally released and it turned out that it doesn't let us make our own animation effects, just sequences between different RGB components using the existing ones provided.....

08-04-2020, 02:31 PM
I have different experience cos you can set the amount of lights per strip so the effect will scale properly like full rainbow effect balanced across each fan led strip vs scaled up to only show 2 shades, defiantly think armoury crates need more improvements right now more customization something that is very much lacking right now

10-21-2020, 01:04 PM
Well it looks like they listened, at least to the part of only supporting one program. Unfortunately its the one that isnt compatible with any motherboard unless its less than 2 years old or newer! No problem for your motherboard but Owners with Z270 are screwed & now Aura is discontinued.
Might be getting an EVGA motherboard when rocket lake comes out. Especially now that I hear they have fan control software for their boards