View Full Version : [G53SX] sudden reboot without Bluescreen

03-26-2012, 10:04 AM
Hy all,

Full HD
core i7 2670QM
GTX 560m 2GB
HDD 500 GO 5400tr
4GB ram 1333Mhz

Then I have changed:
1 Seagate Mometus XT 750GB 7200tr plus a toshiba 1 To 5400trs
16GB hyperx pnp 1600Mhz (4*4GB)
No overclock overvolt

I start the computer for the first time, lauch 3DMARK11 and during the benchmark it stops suddenly and reboot itself....I thought it was caused by a driver conflict so i decided to do a clean install of W7 SP1 ultimate 64 bits, then in the same time change HDD and Ram
I have installed all the latest drivers (not the one from asus but from maufacturers, including atheros, realtek, itel, nvidia...)

Then launch 3Dmark 11 again without any issue, then lauch NFS the run, and 5 min after SHAZAAAM sudden shut down....
launch Saint row and then shut down 5 min after, after ASUS logo shut down again....

During these shut downs CPU temp was 64 max and GPU 71 max wich i think is not too much

I have searched on forums for 2 days now without any solution...

YOU are my last chance!

May thanks in advance

03-26-2012, 10:18 AM
It sounds like you might have a software problem. Try reinstalling the graphics driver, making sure to remove everything, then grab the latest driver from nVidia's homepage. In the installer, select the clean install option. Hope this helps!

If it doesn't, try reinstalling Windows. If that fails, RMA it.

03-26-2012, 06:10 PM
16GB hyperx pnp 1600Mhz (4*4GB)

A RAM fault seems like a possibility as well. Try going back to the OEM RAM....test each stick of RAM, one at a time. If they all check out okay, try one (confirmed as good in the previous testing) in each RAM slot, one at a time.

If you happen to just have a bad RAM slot and your computer is still within your retailer's return period, do a factory restore with all the OEM equipment installed, and exchange it for a different one.