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03-26-2012, 08:31 PM
I've had a pretty bad RMA experience with my U52f-BBL9.

I purchased it after reading many forum posts and reviews around the internet recommending Asus laptops because of their quality and warranties. For the first few months is was a great laptop and I didn't have any problems. Then the keyboard stopped working, so I RMA'd it.

A couple of weeks later I got the laptop back and it the keyboard issue was solved, but they had replaced the "System Board" (taken from RMA sheet returned with laptop), and the USB ports weren't aligned correctly so to use them you had to hold the USB device about 1/4 of the way in the port. The screen bezel was also cracked.

I called Asus again and got another RMA number. I sent it back thinking that there would be no issues for sure this time. When I got the laptop back the ports were fixed. But the screen bezel had been replaced with one that was in even worse shape.

It looked like they had taken a laptop, cracked the bezel off, glued it back together, and then put it on my laptop. Even worse than that was the fact that one corner didn't stay on, and the bezel would flop halfway off so that the area normally covered by it was completely exposed.

So I went through the process again. When the laptop was returned this time they did fix the bezel. However, they also replaced the backplate with one that had a quarter sized melted spot on it. I thought I would hold onto the laptop because everything else would surely be working. It wasn't. The screen had a white pressure spot on it, the right side of the laptop was not put together correctly, the keyboard sloped downward from the screen to the trackpad area, they took my fake SD card (the placeholder thing... oh well), and to top it off they reinstalled Windows for me to "Enhance my user experience" according to the rep I talked to on the phone.

Now fake SD card plastic thing, fine. Windows install, there was no need but I told them they could so fine. But WTF melted backplate, white pressure spot area on screen, and the right side of keyboard area is pushed up like theres a balloon inside.

Why Asus?

03-26-2012, 09:19 PM
Unfortunately, it seems to be a standard procedure, then you are not the first thing that happened to "service" a la "Bend the Bracket" ...
Has been a few of these threads in here, and, of course it's sad ..