View Full Version : Asus ROG Gladius 2 Wireless Mouse do not go to sleep as intended

08-25-2020, 12:30 PM
I bought the ASUS Gladius 2 Wireless a few days ago but I noticed something with its sleep behaviour. No matter the time period I set for it to go to sleep in, it still wakes up on its own after approx. 10 seconds. Even does it if the PC is off and 'Wake up from USB' is enabled (only when the PC is off, it stops doing it when I remove the USB and plug it in again, after that it powers off as intended). It does the something on other PCs that doesn't have the ROG Armoury Software. I think this is a bug with the firmware.

Can anyone provide a solution? Thank you.

09-29-2020, 11:02 AM
If you have upgraded Armoury Crate to the latest version and the issue persists, please go to this thread to report the problem. Thanks.