View Full Version : GU501GM, Question mark next to D drive

09-22-2020, 02:21 AM
I have a GU501GM and my D drive has a blue question mark next to it. I cannot access it anymore and does not show up in disc management. I have been getting blue error screens the last few months, I don't know if that has anything to do with it. Before I got that question mark, it was working just fine. Windows said it needed an update and I updated and restarted it. It was after that I noticed it was gone. I have opened up the laptop and reseated everything, but no change. I have restarted it many times, no change. I have had this laptop for over 2 years now. If anyone know what I could try to fix it, please let me know! Thanks!

09-23-2020, 06:11 AM
The blue question mark means Windows cannot enumerate the drive letter for that drive

- Open Disk Management (accessible by right clicking your Start Button)
- Right click that drive and choose 'Assign Drive Letter'
- Pick an appropriate letter and click OK

Restart your PC