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03-28-2012, 08:12 PM
Hi all! This is my first post, im already fingers in my mouth here what to do and how to write..
I really need guiding here so please you respectful overclockker, help me!
I just bought my rig or what should i call it and now would like to oc it to stable 4.6< machine (4.6 is quite fair enough?)

These are the ones we need to pull up:
maximus iv gene-z/gen3
2700k intel (air cooled, leveled up though)
16gb 2133 ddr3

Is there any kind professional who would tell me how to setup my bios for stable 24/7?

because these all confs in bios freak me out totally :confused: DUNNO WHAT TO DO:cool:
And what program's should i run to be sure that i can lock this setup? Again im like :confused:!!!

Appreciate reply's like winning in horse betting!!! HUGE THANK belongs to him/her who is willing to help.

03-28-2012, 09:18 PM
My friend we were all new at over-clocking some time. We all wondered if I change this setting or that setting will I kill my shiny new PC. So you just relax and ask any questions you like. There are no n00b questions, just some n00bs answers.

Ok the first thing you need to do is spend sometime reading the very good guides that can be found in sticky over at the Maximus sub forum here at ROG. I strongly recommend the offset way of over-clocking if you are a gamer who does not want to have their CPU running at high volts for 24/7 but is willing to have increased voltages while specific applications (games) are running.

Once you have done reading and playing around with the settings that Raja has recommend, then post back here what your system cooling is and the settings you have used.

As to a stability test, most folks use Prime but I like to run my fav game and if that plays for a couple of hours (days) no problem then my system is stable. :)

03-29-2012, 08:02 AM
I immediately found some, thanks now i where to start. That is true about fearing to kill shiny new baby with wrong settings :)
I have cooler master vortex plus to calm down my processor... I know that not the best for ocing.

I would like to run 4.6 daily if that is possible and keep it that way also while playing, well if the offset works better like huge then i proceed according to your advises.

Thanks man for replying, after i've finish reading stuff to understand even somethings will you guide me to lift frequencies here, so it could be stable and that the memory works out well too. Im sure that my mind will also crash if my new rig is crashing once in a while..

03-29-2012, 11:11 AM
No problem my friend we will be here.