View Full Version : Armoury Crate settings???

10-29-2020, 05:12 AM
Hi. Armoury Crate recently updated and afterword's it didn't seem to recognize my soundcard anymore.
I tried uninstalling as per the directions I found on here somewhere reinstalled and still had the same issue.
I decided to live with it for the time being and just put it on starry night, then I realized there seemed to be a LOT of lights for starry night, so went back to Armoury crate to slow it down, but it was already on slow. Then the song I was playing stopped and it slowed to what I recognized as being starry night.
Seems its trying to do both "music and starry night" at the same time?
I confirmed it with a few songs whenever the music stops starry night works properly, but when music is playing it tries to do both.