View Full Version : G74sx-DH72 Reboots while playing game

03-29-2012, 06:20 PM

I purchase a G74sx-DH72 a few weeks ago, since about a week ago it started rebooting while I'm playing games. It happen the most frequently when playing BF3 about once or twice very 3-4 hours playing session. The laptop was plug-in when these reboots happen. I'm not sure what could cause this problem.

I've check the power supply and everything was properly connect, I've tried different power outlet. I'm out of idea of what I could try.



03-29-2012, 06:36 PM
Hi @TarToast - If you do a Windows System Restore to restore your system back a little over a week ago (before you started haviing these reboot issues) does it resolve the problem? If so, look at what was installed to the laptop SINCE that time (including Windows Updates) and re-install them one at a time, then try to reproduce the reboot issue. See if this will allow you to identify a culprit.

Load up a temperature monitoring utility like SpeedFan, HWINFO64, or RealTemp and use it to monitor CPU and GPU temperatures on your laptop. What is your laptop's idle temperature (when you start up and are not running any applications)? Then configure the temperature monitoring utility to LOG temperatures and attempt to reproduce the reboot issue with BF3. Look at the temperature log when you restart to see if there is an overheating issue.

If you want our opinion on the temperature results, report CPU an GPU temps in Centigrade when at idle and the maximum temperatures recorded when the reboot issue occurred.

03-29-2012, 10:19 PM
Thanks for the suggestion dstrakele.

I did a clean install after the problem started, and the issue occurred after. Although I did install most of the patches on Windows Updates before playing.

I'll be keeping a eye on my temperatures via a Log file when I play. After a 1 hour session without reboots the max my CPU hit was 69c and the idle temp was ~34c. I didn't check the GPU yet.