View Full Version : ROG Thor 1200W fanbearing noise and funky 0 db mode behavior

11-08-2020, 10:49 AM
I got my Rog Thor 1200 watt psu last friday and i'm noticing some issues:

1. The fanbearing makes some grinding noises, wich is annoyig and unaceptable for a 350 psu. Heard of ballbearing or noctua fans?

2. The fan behavior with the 0dB feature is more than annoying, the fan each time when its turning on does a startupbost wich is over 40 DBa.
Making the 0 db feature useless. Is that normal behavior?

The psu i had before this pice of grabage, was a 860 Watt Seasonic Psu where the 0db fan didn't make the startboost, so it was quiet and the fan bearing was better too. The only thing that i had to change the psu is that the 860 Watt unit isn't enough for a Threadripper 3960X and a RTX 3090 OC.