View Full Version : Dead / Stuck pixels in GX502LWS Laptops

11-14-2020, 02:52 AM
I bought two GX502LWS laptops about a week ago. The first laptop had 2 stuck pixels. The second laptop had one stuck pixel.

Both the laptops were replaced by the seller. But when I checked the replacement laptops, both the new replacement laptops also had one stuck pixel each.

The seller immediately took back the replacement laptops. He said he will be sending the laptops to the ASUS repair centre to replace the screens. (The seller’s policy is to do one-to-one replacement only once. So now the only thing he can do for me is to send the laptops to the service centre, to replace the screens)

I wonder if this is a known issue with Zephyrus GX502LWS (This issue was present in all the 4 laptops that I checked). If this is a known issue or an acceptable thing with this display panel I'm going to inform the ASUS service centre that there is no use of opening up my brand-new laptops to replace the panels. I would just keep laptops with those one suck pixel each, if replacing the display panels would not solve the issue.

However, if this was a known issue or an acceptable thing with this display panel, I have to say I am a bit disappointed considering the price of the product. The 300Hz display of this laptop is a key highlight for the hefty price. I have 3 old laptops at home (ASUS ROG, HP Spectre, Lenovo Thinkpad), none of them have even a single dead / stuck pixel.