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11-19-2020, 06:14 PM
I have a very fair understanding of computers being 74 and having never really kept up with it all. Up to a year ago all I knew was turn on and off and write an email or two.
So long story short I got into gaming which I love. I have to have small real estate [15"] because of handicapped hands and I went ahead buying an ASUS M15 15.6" as I likes the specs, the size of the screen and I can use it with a mechanical keyboard also.
I have been hitting 94C with AAA games. I don't care much for "competition games" but I have used them as my way of overclocking the system.
Very concerned, ASUS and I and many other Forums we go back and forth as I also notice MANY other cases as such besides mine.
Finally, as the word expresses a "final" email from ASUS [very nice and surprising!] followed by a phone call [yes!] as [karma!] I am pulling in Best Buy to have a final check by the Geek Squad. Also wonderful people. As a side note, treat people with kindness and they will also treat you as such...
The final word is:
"Just to reiterate, the device is a gaming notebook and it is designed to handle excessive amount of heat. The life of the PC will not be affected. If the PC does not throttle [which it has never], the high temperatures are normal"
Okay... that was quote and I will close this subject!!! BUT... will file this email for future reference just in case.
I thought this would help others as also as a side note I am not willing to underclock or undervolt. After all, we pay for the performance, right?
It would be like buying a performance car and having to take it in to have the engine downgraded!!! My 520hp Shaker Scat Pack Challenger sure would not like that!!!
Stay well.


12-19-2020, 12:58 PM
Just stay away from the Zephyrus models, my 2700$ pile of garbage thermal throttles in two days of usage to 3.2Ghz after three trips to the service center and the keyboard's RGB is mediocre too for the price (second keyboard replacement, still horrible uneven lighting on the blue LEDs and the thing can't even get an acceptable white color...something the competition nailed ages ago) Not to mention the many quality control issues (mine had faulty speakers out of the box, awesome) that plague these models since forever (read the amazon reviews for an example) This is definitely my first and last ASUS product.

12-24-2020, 06:53 AM
Hello alamo2020,
Thank you so much for your sharing.
Judging by the description, as long as the device does not exceed 95 when gaming, it is fine.
If there is any further concern, let me know anytime.
Thank you.

12-24-2020, 06:54 AM
Hello fbajjar,
Please kindly open another thread in Service-related Inquiry and provide your SN or RMA number so that I can better locate your case.
Thank you very much.

12-25-2020, 01:39 AM
Hello fbajjar,
Please kindly open another thread in Service-related Inquiry and provide your SN or RMA number so that I can better locate your case.
Thank you very much.

I have sent the machine three times for repair and stayed without the laptop for months and same thing happens over and over again. I have sent you my SN in a private DM. The thermal paste you are using on your laptops is obviously defective, what kind of thermal paste goes from normal 80C on Cinebench R20 for an example to 95C+ and heavy thermal throttling to 3.3Ghz? It is embarrassing this happens on a CPU-only test. Even the furmark utility you use in your service centers for tests which used to run awesomely is causing serious thermal throttling too. Mind you they changed the mainboard, the fans and the thermal solution too. What is next to change and leave me without a laptop for weeks again? I bought this for work too how can I trust this unreliable machine to work well when it can't even keep its temperatures under control?
Yeah i'm convinced now. I have made the stupidest decision and that is getting an ASUS product, I have even recommended this machine to two of my friends who also are suffering now from the same issue. Thank you at least you are honest about how bad your products quality control is and how lackluster the support for them is.