View Full Version : Use Windows Firewall to block auto-update? AC update has broken my system

11-22-2020, 12:25 AM
Has anyone figured out which .exe needs to be denied internet access via Windows Firewall in order to keep Armoury Crate from auto-updating? The latest version has not only changed the Starry Night LED animation into something dramatically less attractive, it's also broken my entire system so that the computer locks up altogether, no longer goes to sleep properly, and frequently crashes when returning from sleep! Reverting to an older version fixes all of these behaviors until AC self-updates again.

I've tried blocking internet for several of the main AC .exe files, but there are a LOT to choose from and it'd be a painful trial-and-error to block the right one (or plain tedious to enter all the rules needed to block them all). I don't need "updates" that break functionality and/or my whole system, so I'd be perfectly happy staying on my old version and just being done with it: I'm certainly NEVER going to click on any of the ads or buy anything through AC anyway!

In the meantime, the only workaround that hasn't left me completely dead-in-the-water has been to revert to a static color scheme, but what's the point of ARGB if Asus can't handle anything more than static colors without melting down????