View Full Version : ROG Swift PG329Q - Dynamic Dimming issues and Display Widget not working.

11-28-2020, 10:37 AM

As mentioned in the title, I'm having couple of issues with my PG329Q when using Dynamic Dimming (a.k.a. local dimming) during gaming.

1. Backlight is intermittently flickering if refresh rate is higher than ~120Hz with Variable Refresh Rate on (G-sync compatible). No issues if VRR, or DD is off, even when overclocked to 175Hz. It doesn't go completely on and off, just getting brighter and dimmer.

2. On occasion, when staying in rather dim scene for a short while and then moving to a bright one (i.e. broad daylight), backlight stays fairly dim. Switching HDR off and on back again fixes it. Happens in Watch Dogs: Legion and Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. I'd imagine it's not limited to those games.
This issue seems to be happening at random, not only when going from dark to bright. Just seen it happen in fairly static bright scene (going up snowy mountain in AC:V).

Since both issues would probably have to be resolved through firmware update I would also like to ask if it would be possible to also make a change so sRGB mode would have brightness adjustment unlocked, since as of right now it's locked at very dim level and is unusable in bright environment for sRGB mastered content/games. I understand that changing brightness would probably affect factory calibration, but honestly I'm pretty sure for most people it would be an acceptable trade-off.
To avoid complaints from those for whom accurate calibration is essential maybe a short note in OSD (saying which brightness level is calibrated) would suffice?

If this would be changed (and maybe also to be able to adjust colour temperature in sRGB mode - wishful thinking, I know ;) ) would make it really amazing all-around monitor.

FInally, ASUS Display Widget doesn't support this model, even though it was downloaded from PG329Q support page.