View Full Version : Installing 2 SSDs issue

11-30-2020, 08:28 AM
This was in my motherboard specific channel but it seems no one really goes in there much. So i apologize for postting it again but im still stuck.

--Hi, with the ASUS Maximus IX Hero I am booting from a 250gb PnY NvME SSD in m2_1. I have been for awhile and everything works fine. I just got a 960 EVO m2 ssd and i pop it into m2_2 and I cant get into BIOS or windows. It gets stuck on the "Push delete or f2 to enter bios....Overclock 19%" screen. And it will just sit on that screen forever. I tried delete and f2 of course nothing works. The moment I unplug the 960 from m2_2 I can boot into bios or windows or wherever. The only other SATA port Im using is a 1 tb HDD. But thats plugged into SATA_3. So as far as im aware sata3 isnt turned off when using both nvme slots. I tried searching this and theres a couple like it but I cant seem to find anything close. Please help.

Update- So the pc will not boot with the new ssd in either slot. It will boot with the old boot drive ive been using in either ssd slot as long as the 960 isnt in the other slot. so im guessing its a bad ssd. is there any other ways to check this? I cant even get into bios with it. I was thinking maybe if I had the PC already turned on and logged into windows then put the 960 in, i could maybe get a read on it. Or is that dangerous? And yes im using the most updated bios for my board and windows in completely update. I havea strong feeling theres a setting in the bios i need to enable or disable. I just dont know which one. Thanks for any help.

i7-7700 (non k)
MSI RTX 2070 Super
Cooler Master ML240 AIO
Cougar CMX700 PSU
16GB OLOy 3000mhz Ram
256 gb PNY CS3030 NVME SSD
1tb WD Blue 7200 HDD