View Full Version : G74sx Major frame drop / spikes in certain games

03-31-2012, 04:13 PM
First of all, i just wanted to let you guys know that i HAVE spent some time looking for a fix for my problem, however, i am not very clever when it comes to the tech part and thus i could really use some help on my issue. My lack of knowledge is probably what led to this, by installing something that doesnt perform well with my system (it would be the only reason i can think of).

Now to the problem at hand, i experience heavy frame drops randomly when playing "older" games like GTA IV. This troubles me alot since my previous laptop was too ****ty to handle GTA iv running on high settings + mods. So anyway, when running GTA IV (no mods yet) On high everything, except shades which this laptop doesnt seem to like very much, it flows very smooth with a good 30 - 45 fps. But, every 2 - 3 minutes i get massive spikes which can occur pretty much anywhere, on foot, in car, when turning. Makes the game unplayable to say the least and I am having the exact same problem in Dead Rising 2. Simply put, something is making games drop very very low on rates. Weird thing is when i play BF3 (everything on ultra) i have a very nice and smooth 30-35 fps gameplay experience with no lag, ever. Same goes for Mass effect 3 and Tera.

Any help/link to a proper guide that doesnt require you to be a computer genius would be VERY MUCH apriciated. I read a post about someone mentioning .net packages not working very well with some versions of silverlight? Anyhow i didnt understand how to fix that so im simply making my own thread about this.

Yet again, i am terribly sorry if i have overlooked a thread that already has dealt with this and thus wasting your guys time.