View Full Version : ROG Chakram causing sleep and wake problems [Resolved]

12-18-2020, 02:37 PM
I have the Chakram model P704. I also have a Strix model XA01 Keyboard and Maximus Hero XII Z490 Motherboard and an Nvidia RTX 3090 video card. I have tried plugging the mouse into the keyboard USB port and directly into the computer which doesn't seem to make a difference.

If I put my system to sleep, it will wake back up in about 5 seconds with the message below showing in the Powercfg /lastwake report. If I unplug the mouse, the system sleeps normally.

I have set all the Power Management options on the keyboard and mouse to not allow them to wake the computer. This seems to work but when I wake the computer, after an extended period (several hours) in sleep mode, the system appears to be running away. Cursors will run across a run box continuously. If I click the Windows Start menu, the search box will open and the cursor will run across its entry box as if the space bar was being held down.. The reading pane in Mail will keep refreshing....(disabling G-sync does not help that situation)

Basically, the system is unusable until I reboot. I have installed Armoury Crate to update the firmware on the mouse and keyboard with no change..

I am pretty much at a loss to explain why the mouse would have such an effect on the sleep/wake cycle on this system. I suppose I will try another mouse for a while to see if that helps but I just started using the RGB ability and hate to move away from that.

Latest version of Win 10 19042.685

Thanks for reading..


12-19-2020, 02:52 PM
After more research andd several reinstalls, I found the problem was mostly in the Keyboard. I will go over to the keyboard forum but, to me it appears the AX01 Strix Flare is not suitable for Win 10..

My system is now able to get the 20H2 Win 10 upgrade and its updates.. where they had failed before.

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