View Full Version : GA35DX Armory crate issue? Someone please help.

01-13-2021, 02:05 AM
So i have been struggling with my new pc now for months.. long story short, when i go to armory crate, i can not use any of the modes or adjust anything, also the fans are constantly blowing full bore,and it always says its in windows mode, after hours on the phone with asus and no success fixing the issue i ended up sending in my pc for repair. After 3 months of waiting, finally was approved a replacement pc.. Finally got the new PC in and after getting everything setup, go to armory crate and turns out, the brand new replacement pc has the same exact issue... makes no sense.. Ive rolled back drivers, tried uninstalling armory crate and reinstalling and with no success.. the pc is so loud since its constantly ramping up and down on the fans and since i cant control anything... I did have 1 window of success and that went away after restarting the pc. When i go to the device manager, it says the the v2 interface doesnt have the drivers, yet it says all the drviers are working correctly. I had tried to reinstall the drivers and the pc worked and everything was quiet and armory crate worked. Reset the pc and back to the same crap and cant fix it... any help would be greatly appreciated.