View Full Version : Windows restart loop when installing armoury crate

01-16-2021, 02:40 PM
Need help in solving this problem.

I recently bought rog z390-f with ryuo 240 aio.

All the components works well but when i try to install asus armoury crate, when the process is at around 50%, my PC will suddenly restart where it goes to windows login menu. This only last for 15-20 seconds where my PC will restart again and goes to the same login screen again. This process keeps on repeating where it reaches a point that windows unable to boot up properly and start in a safe mode.

I have contacted asus customer service regarding this and follow all their steps starting from disabling installing and updating asus armoury crate from the bios, updating bios version, installing intel chipset, intel management engine interface and downloading asus AI suite, however when i try to reinstall the armoury crate again, the same problem occurs.

I have tried to restore it before the installation process but after I try to reinstall the software for numerous time, It come to point where I cant access the control panel to uninstall the software as the PC will keeps on rebooting itself.

Can this be the products that are defective ( I assume is not as the components works really fine ) or is it from the software perspective.

Really appreciate all the feedbacks to this issue.

Thanks for reading