View Full Version : Armoury Crate needs higher privilegs

01-21-2021, 07:51 AM
Hello Guys,

this is a bit frustrating since i setup computers with different right shemas. Since day one in computer area its common use to split roles by user rights. Thats why all my users get regular "USER" rights nothing more. Now the issue with Armoury Crate is the missing "RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR" function within the APP. Armoury Crate moved to Windows 10 APPs which has no rhich ".exe" to start with.

I have tested this with an regular administrator account and Armoury Crate works flawlessly as well as other ASUS Suite Software like AI Suite 3. AI Suite 3 can be prompted by Admin Account which doesnt work at all with Windows 10 APP of Armoury Crate.

I dont know if this is the new "Design" and "RISK" Scenario to tell people using a Admin Account for the daily use. I wont reccomend this at all at any time.

So whats the proper solution? Currently i am logging into a local admin account and make my settings to the devices controllable through Armoury Crate. Then logging back into the regular user for using the desktop. This is not in any kind a tolerable solution. :mad: