View Full Version : Rog keris wireless problems

01-21-2021, 09:46 PM
I get the mouse today ,i think its pretty amazing, i guess because its super new , and not all features working on the software,but i want to list em for the devs.
Since its exclusive for armory crate and dont work on rog armory.
1 - mouse not working at all with cable plugged in- only charging.
2-Mouse calibration dont work- dont see any options to start it ,i just can switch the lift distance.(but mouse track perfect on my both maths so i dont need calibration)
3- Cant select default dpi profile, everytime when i restart the software it its profile 3.
4-On manual said dpi on fly should light up the mouse , but i dont see any difference,its stay with default light.
Otherwise mouse feel super good for now and dont need any performance fixes after few hours of testing(im using it on wireless), cheers!
5-Battery indicator on the software not moving at all - either 0 or 100% showing.