View Full Version : Maximus XII extreme: New identical motherboard but very low Realbench score on 10900k

02-03-2021, 08:03 PM
Hi everyone

I wanted to submit to you this thing that happened to me:

I replaced my maximus xii extreme with an identical one that had problems and now, despite having all the bios in stock and the same version, I realized that with my 10900k the scores in realbench r23 are 2500/3000 points less.

The boost that first rose to 5.3 in the benchmark now comes up to 5.1.

I also noticed that the old motherboard always in the car raised the vcore to 1.40 now instead it reaches 1 35.

There is something wrong? Is the new card having problems?

I assure you that the bios is all in stock and I have never touched anything like in this new one.

The bios are identical.

Can you advise me?

I attach these screens:

Old motherboard in realbench r23:

Score 16500 Multicore

New motherboard in relabench r23:

Score 14.200

Is the new card having problems?

Or does each motherboard behave differently?

Thank you so much friends