View Full Version : PC Shuts down after any bio changes and requires multiple power cycles to work

02-11-2021, 07:06 PM
Hi There,

I am new to PC Building and and was gifted a GPU by a friend so I decided to do a build.
i9 10900k
z490-E Mobo
HX1000i PSU (on A UPS)

this is a fresh build with a fresh windows install and anytime I make any changes in the bios the pc shuts off immediately and will not turn back on, If i power cycle the PSU it turns on for a second then immediately shuts itself off again, I have to let it sit for hours or reflash the bios in order to turn it back on.

I wanted to give AI Overclocking a chance so i hit F5 to go to default settings and it did this, I changed M.2_2 to x4 and it did this, any change and it does this. I have tried the beta bios, and last 3 stable ones and this happens with all of them.

Anyone have any idea why this is? I tested the PSU, Ram, GPU and it doesnt seem to be any of these.

Any help would be appreciated.